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We develop mobile apps for iOS, Android & Windows

A team with 15 years of experience.

Native App development

All apps follow core design and build standards as setout by Apple, Android and Microsoft windows.

The Team

Our handpicked team have been with us for 10 years and are experts in mobile development and backend database design.

Project Management

We use Agile throughout our development lifecycle. This involves Scrum principles with bi-weekly sprints, daily stand-ups, product demo’s at the end of each sprint, retrospective & sprint planning meetings.
We make use of tools such as Teamwork, Asana, Jira in order to manage our customer requirements throughout.

Happy Customers

We have built hundreds of apps and continue to work with you at all stages of the process.

Great apps emerge from our robust development process

Step 1

Discovery & Ideas

Step 2

Conceptualise the Vision

Step 3

Architecture & Design

Step 4

Develop the Build

Step 5

Implementation & Launch

Step 6

Maintenance & Growth

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Why choose wedoApps?

At wedoApps, our passion is connecting people through technology; making this connection as personal & profitable as possible. After all, what good is technology unless it enriches and enhances our lives?


What do wedoApps do?

We specialise predominantly in app development for business and enterprise, working alongside entrepreneurs, SMEs and CICs. We have built a strong reputation for high quality affordable work; specialising in native Android, iOS and windows platforms.


How do wedoApps?

Each and every wedoApps product is specifically tailored to customer needs, creating value and innovation through a systematic approach to development. From idea generation to deployment and support, we follow a clear agile process of development in order to give you confidence and assurance of a great product everytime.

Mobile App Development Process – Click for Infographic Link

Thinking about

getting an app developed?

Plan Your App.

Make sure you put your ideas down on paper or in a document, give it a title and a simple overview.

List The Functionality You Need.

Produce a list of functionality you want and need to go into your app and put a priority against each function

Ask Questions.

We are here to help so please ask questions, we can guide you on how to write your specification, or we have experts who can do that for you.

Get Quotes.

Make sure you know your budget, and be realistic, get some quotes and ask for their hourly rates, an app with us is very affordable.

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