ODO On the Go: Automotive Business App

To develop a mobile complimentary solution for user drivers of vehicles managed through Odo’s Fleet Management software.

wedoApps undertook the design, development and implementation of two apps for native Android and iOS platforms.
Developed as a solution for the Fleet Manager, with the user driver in the forefront of UI/UX thinking; the app sends details of essential vehicle information & vehicle use, including fuel, mileage and the reporting of accidents/incidents. It also acts as a messaging service between the Fleet Manager and the user driver for the sharing of doucuments and information transfer requests.

May 2019

ODO Drive

Activa: Automotive Business App

To create a mobile solution for documenting the condition of a vehicle for rental and lease car users.

The app takes advantage of the handset camera to record damage and highlight areas of the vehicle needing attention. Image files and location markers with timestamps are sent via the app for storage and safe reference.

Updated 2019

Activa Contracts

Childbase : Communication & Staff Information App

Objective: To provide 1400 localised nursery staff with a bespoke communication and information platform between each other and central Head Office. wedoApps were able to target Head office communication out to staff straight to their mobile devices, saving staff valuable time logging on to the inhouse email from a desktop. We set up and provided a simple notification alert on the mobile screen to avoid important information being missed.

Childbase Partnership

Honeywell Gent: Business Solution App for iPad.

Objective: To update fire & smoke alarm software for iOS 11 & 12, provide improvements to functionality and provide preventative and adaptive maintenance.
wedoApps improved the UI/UX adding functionality with simple drag and drop items constrained to the subject room for enhanced workflow.

Honeywell Gent Fire Alarm Business Solutions App

Abbeyfield : Bespoke Board Paper App for paper free business meetings

Objective: to remove the need for printing meeting notes and related papers by producing an innovative paperless library with pdf viewing and annotation notes via iPad.
Our first product has been running successfully for two years now with added functionality and smooth interface. Paperless meetings are made possible with the wedoApps Board Paper Solution.

HELLO - Hull

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